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You have better things to do than suffer pain.

Kipling Chiropractic Centre: Neck & Back Pain Relief in Etobicoke

Ba ck and neck pain can be one of the most complex physical problems to treat. Some people search for years trying to find relief. And sadly, some people never find it. I’m Dr. Peter Ng. And I’d like to tell you about some methods of pain relief you may not have tried.

If you are suffering from back and neck pain, whether chronic or as the result of an injury, relief may be available—don’t let pain make your life miserable. Relief that’s helped many of our patients get back on their feet and back to their favourite activities.



Chiropractic encompasses the whole body.


Find natural healing and pain relief with acupuncture.

Read testimonials from some of Dr. Peter Ng’s patients who have found neck and back pain relief after visiting Kipling Chiropractic Centre.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve as many people as possible in order to express and maintain their optimal health potential... naturally, without drugs or surgery, with the highest quality care.

Our mission is to educate our community that life and health come from within and that the maintenance of health is far superior to the treatment of disease.

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Free Initial Evaluation for New Patients

Feel better than you have in years, call 416-745-1974 to book your free initial evaluation.

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